Maruichi Company Limited Global x Needs We are sensitive to market needs, and we procure on globally.


We are Maruichi, who can respond to the changing times and provide a stable supply.

CEO Megumi Ueno

"Deliver the products that customers want with satisfaction"
That is Maruichi's service.

With the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China in 1972, we quickly turned our attention to overseas.
In 1975, we participated in the "Tokai Regional Business World Friendship Visit to China".
We have established a raw material procurement company in 1980, when the Japanese Yen gradually strengthened.

We have expanded our trading network from Asia to the Middle East and Europe in search of stable supply and cost performance.
We have endeavored to improve quality based on the requests and opinions of our customers.

We have started to handle from the items for ceramic raw materials, we are currently handling refractory raw materials, and industrial chemicals. Afterward, we have expanded to a wide range of fields such as food ingredients, feed additives, functional chemicals, and water treatment chemicals.
We strive to improve the quality of raw materials and streamline logistics, and propose better products and services.

In addition, we constantly manage the inventory of more than 100 items by utilizing the stock power of our own warehouse.
We have a stable and prompt delivery system that can flexibly respond to fluctuations in demand.

Our head office is in Seto City, Aichi Prefecture. In addition, we have sales offices in Hokkaido, Tokyo, and Osaka.
The Maruichi Group will continue to be creative and ingenious.
We respond to customer needs in detail and
We will continue to provide products with peace of mind and trust.
Thank you for your cooperation.


Maruichi Company Limited

Maruichi Company Limited

Company Name
Maruichi Co., Ltd.
September 1st, 1980
50,000,000 J.P.Yen
3,500,000,000 J.P.Yen (Whole group)
Megumi Ueno
Number of Employees
MUFG Bank, Seto Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, Nagoya Branch
Export, Import and Sales of Industrial Chemicals, Food and feed additives, Surfactants, Ceramic and Earth and stone raw materials, and Detergent Industry raw materials, etc.

Head Office

  • 4-6, Tohon-cho, Seto City, Aichi, 489-0045, Japan
  • MAP
  • TEL:+81-561-82-4181
  • FAX:+81-561-82-3661

Tokyo Sales Office

  • 8F, Shinagawa Grand Central Tower 16-4, Konan 2-Chome,
    Minato-Ku, Tokyo, 108-0075, Japan
  • MAP
  • TEL:+81-3-6863-4257

Osaka Sales Office

  • Room113, Dojima AXIS building 3F,
    2-28 Dojimahama, Kita-Ku, Osaka, 530-0004, Japan
  • MAP
  • TEL:+81-561-82-4181
  • FAX:+81-561-82-3661

Hokkaido Sales Office

  • 4-12, Midorigaoka, Nakashibetsu-Cho,
    Shibetu-Gun, Hokkaido, 086-1148, Japan
  • MAP
  • TEL:+81-153-72-8311
  • FAX:+81-153-72-8312

Pusan Office



  • Kasahara Logistics Center/4,614㎡
  • 〒507-0901
  • 1667 Kasahara-Cho Tajimi-City Gifu, 507-0901, Japan
  • MAP
  • TEL:+81-572-43-6205
  • FAX:+81-572-43-2486
  • Kushiro Logistics Center/4,439㎡
  • 〒084-0913
  • 4-4-5, Hoshigauraminami, Kushiro-City, Hokkaido, 084-0913, Japan
  • MAP

Trucks & Cars

  • Car for Sales : 18, 8 tons Truck : 2 ,
    4 tons Truck : 1, Forklift : 9

Toumei Company Limited

Company Name
Toumei Company Limited
April 1st, 1988
20,000,000 yen
Megumi Ueno
MUFG Bank, Seto Branch
Chemicals, Detergent raw material, Surfactants

Head Office

  • 4-3-7, Touhon-cho, Seto-City, Aichi, Japan
  • MAP
  • TEL:+81-561-21-5500
  • FAX:+81-561-82-3661


  • Shinano Warehouse/4,890㎡
  • 49-2 Shinano-cho, Seto city, Aichi, Japan
  • MAP
organization chart

Group History

  • Established Maruichi Co. Ltd. in Aichi, Japan
  • Built first warehouse
  • Expanded warehouse
  • Established Toumei Co., Ltd.
  • Established Central Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Opened Pusan Office
  • Opened Beijing Office
  • Built Shinano Warehouse
  • Opened Tokyo Sales Office
  • Opened Hokkaido Sales Office
  • Opened Kasahara Logistics Center
  • Registered brand names Maru-top® ,Maru-best®, Maru-ace®
  • Opened Osaka Office
  • Central Chemical Co., Ltd merged into Toumei Co., Ltd.
  • Inauguration of Ms. Megumi Ueno as representative director and president
  • Toumei Co., Ltd 30th anniversary / Expansion of Shinano Warehouse
  • Opened Kushiro Logistics Center
  • Maruichi Co., Ltd. 40th anniversary
  • Moved Tokyo Sales Office
  • Newly built Hokkaido Sales Office building and moved
  • Moved Osaka Sales Office

Business information -our business-

We purchase and procure better quality with cheaper cost from overseas,
and deliver it in an easy-to-use form.

Maruichi is a trading company that develops a wide range of transactions in Japan and overseas, from refractory and ceramic raw materials to industrial chemicals, food raw materials, feed additives, functional chemicals, and water treatment chemicals.
In order to meet the needs of our customers, we collect information on our suppliers and conduct detailed field surveys to procure selected raw materials.

Business information
  • Cost reduction that maximizes with the advantages of overseas networks.
  • Local staff are stationed in China and South Korea. We will respond promptly.
  • We also provide the latest industry information unique to trading companies.
  • We also accept raw material procurement that is not listed in the product list. Please contact us.
Stable supply
  • We have sales office and our own warehouses in Hokkaido, including the Kasahara Distribution Center (Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture), and sales office in Tokyo, and Osaka, .
  • The warehouse constantly manages inventory of more than 100 items. Depending on the product, we have a system in place that allows same-day shipping.
  • In order to respond to cost reduction, the basic rule is container (MT unit basis) transportation, but we can also divide and pack and deliver to customers who seek convenience.
  • We accept small orders depending on the type of product. Please contact us.